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Corrupt officials

Full of corrupt officials
One net, one string
The tiger is lame
Fly dead
People sing together
Corrupt officials go to jail
Look up at the wall
Power grid density
The heart is infinite sad
Prison is slow
How long is the sentence?
Sin is never redeemed
And sit around the wearing
Sin is never redeemed
And sit around the wearing

Old doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine

I walked into the Chinese medicine clinic at the gate, and the young Chinese doctor was treating the patient.
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine took a look at a patient: “your complexion is yellow, there is no red color. Maybe there is something wrong with the liver. I’ll prescribe some medicine for you.”!”
And then to another patient: “you dry lips, purple, heart problems, and I’ll give you some medicine to eat, guarantee to cure the patient!”
Finally my turn, Chinese medicine looked at me and said: “your eyes are swollen, the whole frame is black, you are not my kidney function……”
I interrupted the doctor: “doctor, not kidney function is not, I do not fight the ability.”!”
Chinese medicine:”……”

The official class was crushed to death

Female section chief Zhang Shasha find girlfriends complain
Female chief: “it’s really a big one. It’s a crush on people.”!”
What’s the matter?”
Female chief: “we have another director in our bureau.”!”
Girlfriends: “you are not what kind of man can do it, but also afraid of a new director?” how can he be a big officer to crush people?”
Female chief: “he’s a fat man. He almost didn’t crush me in the hotel yesterday.”!”

I don’t want five reasons for starting school

1, the money is not enough, can not afford to hire people for my homework.
2, my king pesticide level is very low, afraid of school classmates jokes.
3, summer life is not regular, the physique becomes bad, can not stand the teacher’s fierce beat.
4, the table is a fat woman, I’m afraid she still pursue me.
5, holiday out too much, tanning, and I’m afraid security guards me as Africans, not to enter the door.

Dutch treatment

Man is very stingy, mostly because of the failure of the blind. I ran into him at work yesterday.
I: “you quickly change your stingy temper, otherwise it will play guangaoer!”
Buddy: “I this how stingy? Is it called frugality? And I never take advantage of it. That’s what my blind date has approved!”
I am surprised: “and the girl recognized you?””
Buddy: “yes, I go to dinner yesterday, with the girl, she ordered wine, steak, abalone, lobster and so on, check out when she found a little difficult for me, put forward AA system.”
Me: and then what?”
Buddy: and then I say, OK, you A yours, I A mine, my bottle of mineral water is five bucks!”

How can there be no pure friendship among the opposite sex?

Girlfriends: heterosexual, there is no pure friendship, I grew up with my buddies, yesterday, actually said he liked me from childhood, really crash!
I retorted: how can there be no pure friendship among the opposite sex? My husband and I are! My husband and I quarrel with Liawanyi in order to solve the housing distribution sleep problems, directly to the bed to sell, for a lower berth!

You should have experience

The son cried loudly at home and his wife came home: “son, what’s the matter?”
Son: dad hit me. It hurts too much!
Husband: wife, first hit, no experience!
Wife is a slap: Nima, you should have experience.
Husband: where do I come from experience?
Wife: as the saying goes, chronic illness into a good doctor, you TM beaten so many times, we have no experience?
The husband covered his face…..

After crossing

Dr. Liu Xiaogang invented a time machine, through to 30 years ago, Dr. Xiaogang just under the time machine, saw a sixteen seven year old fat bully female classmate, her parents, Dr. Liu, a flying kick in the past, the fat man fell to the ground, Dr. Liu a beaten, fat man: please forgive “eldest brother, uncle forgives, I dare not,” Dr. Brock shouted: “get out!”
The fat man left, female classmate said: “whispering…… Thanks a lot!”
“What’s your name, schoolmate?” Dr. Liu Xiaogang asked, “bullying should be resisted.”!”
The girl replied, “my name is Wang Xilian. The fat man is called Liu Dagang. He is a scoundrel.”!”
Dr. Liu: what? You’re my mother. He’s my father……” Just now, Dr. Liu’s body slowly disappeared……

Guess who he is

The classroom, the teacher asked Xiao Ming lost Jingzhou, who is the protagonist, Koya Gogo said not to come out, so the teacher suggested she: “he is the second, very powerful, blush, animal hair name meaning!”
Dawu Xiaoming: “I know, is hanging hair!”
Teacher: “roll!”!”

A good rascal who laughs, explodes, and plays

1, a man playing mahjong, earned one thousand and five hundred, before leaving, he had to lose by 500.
He explained: the front wife had confessed, earn one thousand free “public” one day earn two thousand free “public” for three days, if you start losing “juicer”!
We laugh at him, don’t you just don’t want to pay grain tax?
This goods sinister smile 1, treacherous said: I want to save any “private grain”, to go to other places a disaster relief!
3, the boss has a Xiaomi, two people.
The boss did not know, every day after work to the office the boss went home, after half a month, the boss never went to Xiaomi, we all thought that he was the boss of the role!
One drink, the boss red eyes said a sentence: “homework is almost impossible to complete, but also have the energy to do homework.”.”
3, interview site, a job interview male.
Examiner: what position do you want to do?
Job man: I’d like to be the general manager’s secretary.
Examiner: our general manager, secretary is a woman, you are a male can not do it.
Job boy: just because I’m a male, I’m going to be the general manager’s secretary.
Examiner: roll!
4, goddess drunk, I sent her home. She fell asleep at home, watching her blush scarred is very cute, my mind out of two people,
The first villain threatened me: “kiss her!”! Now no kiss, no chance later!”
Another villain advised me: “better offend a gentleman than offend a villain. I think you should do as he says.”!”
5, a driver drove a truck into the city, was stopped by the said. said, “you can drive a truck with B, OK?””
The woman looked at his chest and shouted: “I have to cover D why not open!”